Loubs-Inspired Rodita Zipper Heels

Image courtesy of christianlouboutin.com

Code : SZ0902, Loubs-Inspired Rodita Zipper Heels
Man Made Leather
Black criss cross zipper detail
Open toe
Hook on closure
Heel height, 4.5"
Sizes 36, 37, 38 and 39

Price : 69.00 MYR 55.00 MYR
(20% Discount)


lyla zry said...

size 39, still available?

CastelleClothing said...

Hi Iyla zry,

Thank you for your comment on this. Yes it is available. To order, kindly submit your order form at the bottom most of our blog's main page and we shall process your order immediately. :)


zafira said...

babe..is size 37 still availble?

CastelleClothing said...

Hi Zafira,

Thank you for your interest in our products :)
Our Loubs-Inspired Rodita Zipper Heels are no longer in stock.
However, do stay tuned as we have more updates coming up today!


Eunice said...

hi, is this restockable?

Annie Monie said...

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